Therapy Notes Reviews

Therapy Notes Reviews

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Why We Chose SimplePractice

With hundreds to choose from, picking an EHR can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. That’s why we spent over a hundred hours researching what makes a great EHR, including scouring comments and reviews, testing the top contenders, and talking to customers, to help you make a more informed decision in your quest for the best EHR.

Why we chose SimplePractice

During our research to identify the top EHRs in the mental health space, SimplePractice earned the top spot. Here’s why:

  1. Current customers love SimplePractice.

    People recommend products to others because they want to share something they enjoy using. All 33 current SimplePractice customers we spoke to said they heard about SimplePractice from a friend or colleague.
  2. SimplePractice has a very high retention rate of 99.3%.

    We got this information from the SimplePractice website. A retention rate of 99.3% means that their churn rate is less than 1%. In other words, less than 1% of customers cancel their SimplePractice subscriptions. More importantly, this means that almost all of their customers continue to get value from SimplePractice each month. Considering most SAAS companies have a retention rate of 3-7%, SimplePractice’s >1% churn speaks to the value the company offers to its customers.
  3. It’s easy and free to switch to SimplePractice.

    We were impressed with Simplify Switching, a new service offered by the company to help new customers migrate their data to SimplePractice. Switching EHRs can cause a great deal of anxiety for therapists. But SimplePractice helps remove the barrier and reduce anxiety. Plus, this service is free, regardless of how many patients a customer needs to import.
  4. SimplePractice offers more flexibility.

    SimplePractice offers a customizable Notes and Form Builder. We tried this feature and found it about as easy to use as a Google Form. We collected some very complex progress note templates and had no trouble creating them in SimplePractice. We also liked that we could customize the text for appointment reminders in SimplePractice. This feature was not available in the other contenders we tried.
  5. SimplePractice constantly improves.

    Nearly all SimplePractice customers we talked to said that the product is constantly improving. New features and new enhancements are released regularly. We found that the SimplePractice product team mines feedback data to understand customer needs and pain points. Their team uses this information to build new or improve current solutions.