Therapy Notes Reviews

Therapy Notes Reviews

Find the best practice management platform for you.

The Best EHR for Therapy Notes and Forms

SimplePractice is the best EHR for clinical documentation

Of all the EHRs we’ve tested, SimplePractice is the most user-friendly and has the best features overall. We were most impressed by the EHR’s powerful note-taking function.

SimplePractice offers customizable notes and forms templates

SimplePractice offers many ways to take fast, effective therapy and progress notes. Specifically, you can choose from over 200 pre-built templates in their Template Library. You can modify these templates, or create custom templates to meet the needs of your practice.

We also learned that SimplePractice frequently adds new templates to help you stay current with changes in your field of practice. In addition to templates for behavioral health therapists, they offer templates that cater to a wide range of health and wellness specialties, such as speech-language pathology and dietetics.

SimplePractice makes documentation easy on mobile

SimplePractice makes it easy to use their mobile app to take notes on the go. The EHR is continually looking for ways to support the modern clinician’s busy lifestyle. Notes can also be carried over and updated across client sessions, meaning you won’t need to duplicate your existing notes.

You can lock and sign your therapy notes in SimplePractice

Importantly, notes can be locked and signed, which is critical for both healthcare legislation compliance and to protect your practice in the event of an audit. These features increase the efficiency and security of documentation, and SimplePractice regularly enhances this important feature.

Sleek, modern user interface (UI) for notes

We found that SimplePractice designs its products with intention and considers how their interface impacts the user experience. Their software is intuitive and supports the work clinicians do in private practice. This is especially true in the case of their notes and forms features, which have a modern look and feel that our professionals enjoy using.

SimplePractice offers Wiley Treatment Planners

Being able to create evidence-based treatment plans is critical for therapists. SimplePractice supports the entire library of Wiley treatment plans— the gold standard for behavioral health practitioners— which are customizable for individual practice needs. They include include thousands of pre-written treatment goals, objectives and interventions based on rigorous research. With Wiley Treatment Planners in SimplePractice, you can tailor specific your treatment plans for specific populations or problems.